What is scar tissue and why must we get rid of it??

By Dr. Brenda Mondragon, DC

I know you have all heard me say, "Just working through the scars!" "Breaking up the knots!"....and you all moan and try to breathe through it asking yourselves why is this necessary?!
However, after your chiropractic treatment, you feel much better and feel more flexible.
Because scar tissue is more resistant than normal tissue to movement. Scar tissue that developed through repetitive, improper joint movement, has extra collagen that is not as elastic as the surrounding, normal tissue. This leads to incorrect joint dysfunction, more scar tissue, swelling, and pain.
It is a vicious cycle that needs intervention.....i.e. the chiropractic adjustment, massage, myofascial release, green roller, stretches, etc. Increasing blood circulation to scar tissue and thus removing metabolic waste leads to healthier tissue. This combined with the chiropractic adjustment, restores proper joint motion and prevents inflammation---less pain and more flexibility!!!

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